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Booking and Management from the Viewpoint of Artist Representing only the Best Talent Since 1973


American Bands Management, (referenced as ABM) one of the most renowned and respected booking agencies and management companies in the southwest began business in the summer of 1973.

Founder, John Blomstrom, in his early twenties at the time based his business of three fundamental principles. Be honest. Be informative. Represent Quality. John Blomstrom has great respect for musicians , relates to them well, and as such has been able to have long and successful relationships with high quality professional musicians and bands.

This continuity built on respect and understanding has enabled ABM to consistently represent high quality bands. Through the years and decades, ABM has represented the top regional bands, as well as helping direct regional bands to a national level, and helped national touring bands on their tours.

ABM has booked four continents and hundreds of bands over the years.

Today, ABM, like always, has a great roster and stands ready to help you.

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